Walk Away

Decent people are fed up.  We are tired of the name-calling. We are tired of the lies being spread by immature narcissists who somehow missed out on basic life lessons:  the world doesn’t revolve around you, “hate” has a real definition having nothing to do with your feelings. These prima donnas don’t seem to grasp that there is such a thing as absolute truth and their whimsical beliefs have zero impact on that truth.  Maybe if our schools started teaching logic instead of diversity training, more people would understand that spouting buzzwords is not equivalent to having a sound argument based on reality. We are tired of being silent as our rights are trampled.

The schoolyard bully who punched other kids to take their lunch money has given way to cyberbullying of people smart enough to recognize how ridiculous things have gotten. 

The radical left is wrong.  That makes it impossible for them to persuade people that their position is right.  Consequently, they act worse than two-year-olds throwing a temper tantrum.  They have resorted to intimidation, harassment, and even doxing.  They try to silence people.  In the long run, these tactics do not work.   Anyone with half a grasp on history would know that.

Neutrality is not an option.  You either believe that it is acceptable to tell lies about people and then bully them if they attempt to defend themselves, or you don’t.  There is no middle ground.  This has nothing to do with who anyone voted for, and that’s what the radicals and their supporters don’t seem to grasp.   There is no need to stay and give consent to the lies and bullying.  Not only are people leaving the offensive site, but they are deleting their accounts. At some point advertisers are going to see that support of this hatred is a bad business decision.

We have choices. Fiberocity and OurUnraveled recently launched.  Craft Keeper is coming soon.  Folks who didn’t participate in the social forum aspect of the narcissists’ little echo chamber are connecting on these new sites. But until these are fully functional, what are people doing with their content?

Patterns – Some people have tried to access their patterns through apps such as loveKnitting, only to discover that patterns were linked rather than downloaded, and lost everything when they deleted their accounts from the old site.  You need to take the time to individually download every pattern you wish to keep. 

First, export a list of everything in your library. Scrolling down will reveal that the last option in the green sidebar will generate an excel file for you.


Once you have the listing of everything in your library, click on a pattern, then click download. 

Once done, you can easily click delete to remove that pattern from your library. Move all of the downloaded pattern PDF’s into their own folder(s) to be stored on your computer’s hard drive, a flash drive, or in GoogleDrive or DropBox.  Some people have reported that R has placed a limit on the number of downloads permitted per day, which allows time to download a batch, then spend time organizing things before downloading more the following day. 

Calibre is a free app for organizing ebooks that works very well for organizing pattern PDF’s.  Once the patterns are stored in the folder you plan to keep them in, you can set up Calibre to view each of those files as a book, and set up searchable tags to make it easy to find things in the future.  And you have a few choices.  If you’re concerned about losing cloud storage in the future, then you can do all of this on your desktop computer.  If you want mobile convenience, you can store everything in DropBox and access the information from both your computer and your smartphone.  Or you can be paranoid like me and keep things in the cloud for easy mobile access, plus have a backup on thumb drive.

You can also print the patterns on paper.  Printed patterns can be sorted into folders in a physical filing cabinet, or placed each in their own sheet protector and stored in 3-ring binders.

Projects – PDF’s can also be downloaded for all projects if you don’t want to lose your project notes.  Open each R project and ctrl-P to print – but change the printer selection so that instead of spewing out tons of paper, you print to PDF (this should be one of your printer options).  Again, these PDF’s can be organized into their own folders and viewed through Calibre, or printed and stored in a 3-ring binder.

Stash – if you’ve used the stash feature to keep track of yarn, you can download an Excel spreadsheet with your details.  From the stash dashboard, click the download icon.  Note that the downloaded Excel file does not contain photographs.

Some people are using an app like MyCollections to catalog their yarn stash.

Queue – Similar to the stash feature’s download, queue has a print option.  You have a choice of viewing with photos or just a list, then click the print icon and select print to PDF instead of your usual printer.

* * * *

Many people have discovered that they have more patterns than they could possibly knit in a lifetime. There is no need to search for more. Instead, we can enjoy knitting what we already have. Or we can enjoy the new designs we’re discovering from designers who refuse to be bullied. The new sites have patterns available. Or visit your public library and check out some of the pattern books.

I will continue to knit and crochet and spin and sew and take care of my family and work to make my community a better place. And all of that can be done while I walk away from the misguided oppressors.